Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Woodbridge, VA Commuting Options

Are you moving to Woodbridge, VA? Do you need to know what your commuting options are?  One of the biggest headaches in this part of the US is the traffic, particularly I-95.  Thankfully, there are some options to reduce some of the stress.  As you make a decision where to live in Woodbridge consider where the primary commuter stations are located and whether they service your area of employment.

Note that most of these transportation services operate mostly during rush hour times.  These are not options for commuting to DC on a weekend or at off-peak hours. 

VRE:  The Virginia Railway Express is the train that connects Woodbridge to DC.  The upside is that it also connects to some of the major stops for the DC Metro. For more information go to www.vre.org.
Slug lines:  Although many are hesitant at first, it is a popular form of transportation here in the DC area.  You are basically hitching a ride from individuals that want to be able to use the HOV lanes.  For more info go to www.sluglines.com
OmniRide:  Bus line linking the Woodbridge area to primary work locations within the Beltway. For more info go to www.PRTCtransit.org
Ridesharing:  This is a free service that will match your commuting needs with other residents.  For more info go to www.PRTCtransit.org

Woodbridge Commuting Options will show you where the primary commuter lots are located in Woodbridge.  This interactive map will also allow you to click on the marker and find out what the primary destinations are for each lot.  Please double check the information at the individual websites as it is possible that I might have made an error or that they have updated their schedules.

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