Friday, July 6, 2012

Where to Live in Northern Virginia

As a Realtor, I get this questions asked a lot.  As a Realtor, it is also difficult to answer.   Because of the rules and regulations that we have to abide by, rarely can we provide an opinion on a "safe neighborhood" or what is the "best neighborhood."  If you give me a list such as, "high rise condo with pool and gym, less than three miles from work, in an area with nightlife," then I can easily pull a list together.  However, once we start getting into areas that are more subjective, then it becomes a little more difficult because what is "great" for one person, may not be so "great" for another.

The best way to get an idea of where to live is to see what your peers are saying and look at the local news for cities you are considering.  Here are some great places to start.

50 Great Neighborhoods 
Crime Reports
WUSA9 Where You Live

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