Friday, June 29, 2012

Increasing Living Space at Little to No Cost

Sometimes we start to feel a little constrained in our own homes.  We feel that if we could just add one more room, things would be a little better? For example,  do you wish you could just have an extra room for an office? Or one for a playroom for the kids?  Or maybe you are a buyer and you found a house you like, but it is just a tad bit small because it doesn't have that office or that playroom that you need.  Well you can add some "extra" living space to your home by being a little creative and getting rid of rooms that you don't use.  

About 2 weeks ago, I went to a friend's house and all of a sudden I noticed that they didn't have a formal living room. As I thought about the layout of the house, I realized they had turned the formal living room into their dining room and the formal dining room into an office.   Brilliant!!   So I went home and to my husband's chagrin (since he has to do all the heavy lifting) I started thinking about how I could make that work to my own advantage in my own home.

I had a formal living room that we never used.  Okay, my five year old likes to set up her tent there every once in awhile, but if guests come over they are either in our eat-in kitchen, the family room, or the dining room.  I therefore decided to follow my friends footsteps and turn the formal living room into the formal dining area.  Here are the benefits:
***My "new" dining room has so much more space.  My china cabinets fit better and my oversized dining room table fits nicely.  The old dining room was too small so everything looked so crowded.  That space which never was used before is now fully functional.

***My former dining room which is right off the kitchen, I turned into the kids play/activity center.  That got their toy cabinets out of the family room which is now more practical for me as a mom and I can keep my kids within eyesight while I am cooking.  The toy cabinets actually play off nicely with the kitchen cabinets and counter tops so aesthetically it looks better tool.

***My family room is now functionally better as well.  Before the kids toys were right next door to the back door.  With the dogs and people coming in and out of the door, I was constantly concerned that my kids toys were getting covered with dirt.  That area is now open and designed for foot traffic and my kids have a clean and safe area where they can hang out.

***Instead of spending money, I made money out of this deal.  I sold my extra sofa and chair on Craigslist and got some nice spending money.

The moral of the story is if you do not have thousands and thousands of dollars to buy a bigger home or add an addition to your existing home, think about the areas of your home that you do not use.  Start with the formal living room--few people use them today and personally, I believe they are just a waste of space.   Play around with ideas and see what will work better for you but chances are you will be able to find a better use of the space.

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